Commercial Litigation and Appeals

When our cases require it, our attorneys have successfully prosecuted and defended claims throughout State trial courts and courts of appeal. In addition to beach of contract actions, we have successfully litigated construction and lien related claims, tortious interference actions, all manner of causes of action for fraud in the inducement to lease, third-party beneficiary claims, declaratory actions, and other matters at law and in equity. Our lawyers recognize that most legal actions and other business disputes are resolved or significantly narrowed before trial. We work closely with our Clients to tailor and execute plans to achieve the best possible result at the lowest possible expense to the Client.

Our Clients choose McKenna, McCausland & Murphy, P.A. because we promptly identify pertinent legal issues, timely counsel with our Clients, and zealously advocate within a cost-effective litigation plan. When our Clients' legal disputes cannot be resolved without the actual need for trial, our lawyers are experienced in the preparation of legal argument and evidence necessary to successfully present the case to judge and jury.

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