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Disability Insurance Disputes and Litigation

In today's economy, some people consider their disability insurance to be a form of unemployment insurance when businesses fail or downsize. Other individuals with legitimate medical conditions do not recognize that it is the severity of a condition, rather than the existence of a condition alone, that can lead to disability. The volume of disability claims has increased dramatically over the past decade, because of these reasons and others. Litigation over insurance claim denials and terminations of disability insurance benefits has become one of the most active areas of insurance law.

The Firm's of Counsel, Greg McMahon, Esq., is highly experienced in handling litigation arising from ERISA plans, non-ERISA group plans, and individual disability policies. We offer discovery, pre-suit, litigation, post-suit and appellate legal support. We are very familiar with the standard of review and subrogation matters in disability insurance disputes. We can assist you with disability insurance claims involving all manner of disputes, including pre-existing conditions, mental nervous limitations, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, "own occupation" coverage, and "any occupation" coverage.

Mr. McMahon speaks nationally on the current trends and implications of disability insurance law. We are available to address your audience on disability matters at industry conferences or in-house seminars.

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